“Lungs” is an Honest Look at Humanity and the Human Condition

by Sarah Haley Tucked away in the library of the Arts Court, a 2018 Fringe favourite, Lungs, returns. Written by British Playwright Duncan Macmillan, Lungs tells the story of a couple discussing childbirth and its personal and ethical ramifications. Equally funny and heart-wrenching, this Cart Before the Horse remount is honest and emotional. Under the … Continue reading “Lungs” is an Honest Look at Humanity and the Human Condition


“Gracie” Fails to Engage on Stage Despite Textual Resonance

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of the season for the Great Canadian Theatre Company. Coming in hot on the heels of the uber-enjoyable How Black Mothers Say I Love You, is Joan MacLeod’s Gracie- a cautionary tale about the dangers of blind faith, isolated (yet pervasive) cults, and festered patriarchy. On … Continue reading “Gracie” Fails to Engage on Stage Despite Textual Resonance

The Broken Boundaries of “Blink”

by Sarah Haley "Love is whatever you feel it to be". Or at least, that’s what Plosive Production’s latest show, Blink, tells you. Written by Phil Porter and directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik, Blink is both a heartfelt and an unsettling performance. However, calling it a love story is misleading.  While it is true that the … Continue reading The Broken Boundaries of “Blink”

Cultural Exchange|Theatrefullstop

"Introducing a new segment to both Theatrefullstop and New Ottawa Critics. As two independent blogger collectives, we are both inspired by what theatrically is happening beyond our borders. Each month, we will correspond with all the latest happenings in our cultural cities. This is an opportunity to learn, be inspired, communicate and collaborate!"- Lucy Basaba, … Continue reading Cultural Exchange|Theatrefullstop

Sláinte! “Vigilante” Arrives at the NAC

If you’ve ever heard of the ‘Black Donnellys’, it’s no doubt it’s because they’re central to an infamous Canadian tale that ends with their family’s massacre. Vigilante, written, composed and directed by Jonathan Chistenson, is an electric retelling of this dark and mysterious story that deals in blood feuds, vengeance, and murder. The deliciously macabre … Continue reading Sláinte! “Vigilante” Arrives at the NAC