Don’t Blink Twice or You’ll Miss “Blindside”

Stéphanie Morin-Robert’s solo show Blindside is definitely one of the more fully developed pieces in the Ottawa Fringe Festival this year. Reigning in positive reviews from mainstream outlets like CTV and weekly newspapers like The Montreal Times, this show is finely tuned to perfection. Morin-Robert’s charming stage presence combined with such a unique and touching … Continue reading Don’t Blink Twice or You’ll Miss “Blindside”

“BLINDSIDE” Commands Attention

Blindside is a totally funny story about a girl who can’t remember ever having two eyes growing up in northern Ontario. Stéphanie Morin-Robert is indeed a wonderful storyteller. I spent the entire hour of her opening show riveted to each word. Her command of the audience is impeccable and this show sparkles like a well-polished … Continue reading “BLINDSIDE” Commands Attention