“Interstellar Eldar” is Out-of-This-World Good

Prepare yourself for an epic cosmic adventure with INTERSTELLAR ELDER Badass Grandma in Space presented by Ottawa Fringe favourite, SNAFU Dance Theatre. Blasting off into a (maybe not-so-distant) future where Earth is no longer habitable by humans and has, in fact, become overrun with swiss chard, our protagonist Kitt Peterson wakes up on board a … Continue reading “Interstellar Eldar” is Out-of-This-World Good


“Snack Music” Satisfies The Creative Taste Buds

SNAFU dance brings a lively and energetic late-night offering to this year’s undercurrents festival with Snack Music, a highly physical show with heavy elements of improv comedy and object theatre: imagine telling an audience an embarrassing story about yourself and then watching three purple jumpsuit-clad actors retell it using food props and synthesizer sound effects. … Continue reading “Snack Music” Satisfies The Creative Taste Buds

Kitt & Jane: Pure Brilliance

Kitt & Jane: Pure Brilliance Brianna McFarlane                 I’m going to get right to the point and say that I can’t recommend this show highly enough. Kitt & Jane: an Interactive Survival  Guide to the Near-Post-Apocalyptic Future presented by SNAFU Dance Theatre is excellent. Showcasing the delightfully adorable quirks best known from SNAFU’s prequel, of sorts, Little Orange … Continue reading Kitt & Jane: Pure Brilliance