887 Gets 10/10

Robert Lepage’s 887, an autobiographical exploration of memory, aging, and Québec’s Quiet Revolution, is currently running at the National Arts Centre for the first time in English and if you haven’t already seen it, you should. 887 excels both as a beautiful play to look at, thanks to Lepage’s legendary stagecraft (and backstage crew of … Continue reading 887 Gets 10/10


“Needles and Opium” Creates a Spectacular Journey

In a haunting encounter with the infinite void, Robert Lepage’s masterpiece pierces the skin of the psyche. Needles and Opium opens Canada’s Magnetic North Theatre Festival providing a hypnotizing entry into the extraordinary potentials of festival theatre. An established centerpiece on the international circuit, Lepage’s 2013 remount of the 1989 play is a reminder to … Continue reading “Needles and Opium” Creates a Spectacular Journey