The Broken Boundaries of “Blink”

by Sarah Haley "Love is whatever you feel it to be". Or at least, that’s what Plosive Production’s latest show, Blink, tells you. Written by Phil Porter and directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik, Blink is both a heartfelt and an unsettling performance. However, calling it a love story is misleading.  While it is true that the … Continue reading The Broken Boundaries of “Blink”

“Maestro”: Production Can’t Get a ‘Handel’ on Weak Text

Maestro, presented by Plosive Productions at the Gladstone, is an idealistic step forward in a lot of ways: it is an English-language premiere of a Canadian script set in Ottawa, in a production with performances in both French and English. Unfortunately Maestro (written by Claude Montminy) is not a good play, and the bilingual aspect to the … Continue reading “Maestro”: Production Can’t Get a ‘Handel’ on Weak Text