“Tooth: Hurty” Misses its Mark

Lost Kid Theatre tries to engage with complex themes in Tooth: Hurty, but the heaviness of the script coupled with a mise-en-scene that seems to prioritize movement and physicality over its text makes this show one to digest slowly over time. Wes, a homeless man, grabs the attention of passer-by Maya, who may or may … Continue reading “Tooth: Hurty” Misses its Mark

Student Director Makes Waves with “pool (no water)”

Walking into the University of Ottawa’s historic Academic Hall for MFA (Stage Direction) candidate Pamela Feghali’s third and final production at UofO's Theatre Department, I couldn’t help but gasp audibly at the stage. It’s not often that an Ottawa theatre-goer is treated to such complex narrative that is evident in Mark Ravenhill’s text, pool (no water), let … Continue reading Student Director Makes Waves with “pool (no water)”