“pachiv!” is a Shallow Portrait of Romani People

Playing a character of a different cultural background requires actors to delve into that culture’s social and political contexts in order to play that character fairly without falling into caricature (unless that is the explicit point). A piece of art becomes problematic, however, when it chooses to adopt very a specific culture but ignores its … Continue reading “pachiv!” is a Shallow Portrait of Romani People

“Pachiv!” Displays Fragility On Stage

A party/housewarming/play, Pachiv! shows that while we try to put on a happy face in front of strangers, the problems that eat away at our happiness continue to affect us. If you find yourself at Academic Hall (Venue 3 in the Fringe program), point yourself south past Tabaret Hall (the big, stately university building) and … Continue reading “Pachiv!” Displays Fragility On Stage