“Inescapable” features riveting performances

If you still need someone to tell you to check out Martin Dockery’s work, you probably haven’t been paying attention. Let me help you out here: just go. In Inescapable, Martin Dockery and Jon Paterson star in a two-hander about a moment that never ends. Sadly, it does end for the audience, though it seems pretty … Continue reading “Inescapable” features riveting performances

Review: Paco V Put to Sleep

Review: Paco V Put to Sleep Brianna McFarlane           The world outside is burning and yet the characters in Paco V Put to Sleep, written by Martin Dockery, can’t seem to do anything about it, let alone save themselves. Directed by Dave Dawson, this show is a fine offering from Blacksheep theatre with a strong … Continue reading Review: Paco V Put to Sleep

Review: The Surprise by Martin Dockery

The Surprise Meaghan Flaherty Fringe favorite Martin Dockery is back, and if you’re a fan of his work, The Surprise certainly doesn’t disappoint. I feel the need to start this review off by mentioning how much I loved The Bike Trip, though if you’ve found in the past that this style is not for you, you will not like … Continue reading Review: The Surprise by Martin Dockery