“Un-Countried” Finds Timely Relevance in History

When Stéphanie Turple first wrote Un-Countried she, like many of us, was still laughing off the idea of a Donald Trump presidency. Now, making its world premiere at the 2017 undercurrents Theatre Festival, Theatre 4.669’s production must contend with the fact that, given current political realities, the issues and messages within the piece now carry … Continue reading “Un-Countried” Finds Timely Relevance in History


Real Life Meets Art in Turple’s “Un-Countried”

Theatre 4.669’s Un-Countried, a tale of two East German border guards working a fateful shift and its aftermath, has a serendipitous immediacy in spite of its somewhat conservative dramatic style. Un-Countried, written by Stéphanie Turple, starts off in a cramped East German border office, with two contrasting personalities working the checkpoint: a young and idealistic recruit on … Continue reading Real Life Meets Art in Turple’s “Un-Countried”