On Mediocrity in Theatre

I’ve been reading Jordan Tannahill’s Theatre of the Unimpressed, and it has been hitting some chords for me. The main inspiration for writing this book is Tannahill’s observation that a lot of the people he talks to have sworn off ever attending the theatre. They went once, their experience made them unforgivably bored, and they … Continue reading On Mediocrity in Theatre


Tannahill’s “Concord Floral” Still Has Room to Grow

Everyone remembers their teenage years. Surviving high school, for most North Americans, is a seminal feat in an individual’s life and one that continues to help inform personal identity well into adulthood. Being a teenager can be like living on a battlefield – quite literally for some – or can be some of the best … Continue reading Tannahill’s “Concord Floral” Still Has Room to Grow