“A Girl in the Fridge” is a Small Tasting of Dead Unicorn Ink’s Full Potential

The Ottawa Fringe Festival just wouldn’t feel like itself without an annual offering from local troupe Dead Unicorn Ink(DUI). Going on 7 years now with their first showing at the 2011 Fringe Festival where Playing Dead, a zombie puppet show, to the stage and captured audiences’ hearts and, since then, have been regularly producing new … Continue reading “A Girl in the Fridge” is a Small Tasting of Dead Unicorn Ink’s Full Potential


Community Voices: Halloween Edition!

Check out our new video with Patrice Forbes from Dead Unicorn Ink where we go through some easy DIY stage blood recipes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG6AkeFav4E Ten Little Sinners returns to Ottawa on October 27th and 28th as part of the Fringe Encore series. Ingredients: Laundry soap (or dish soap), coffee (cooled), chocolate sauce, red food dye OR … Continue reading Community Voices: Halloween Edition!

“Ten Little Sinners” is Smutty, Sexy Fun

Last year’s Marvellous Man IV is some of Dead Unicorn Ink’s best work to date in my opinion. Back again this year with their R-rated murder mystery, Ten Little Sinners, DUI- riding the waves of that momentum- delivers one of the most enjoyable shows at the 2017 Ottawa Fringe. It’s kitschy, it’s punny, and definitely … Continue reading “Ten Little Sinners” is Smutty, Sexy Fun

Well, This Really Was Super…

Dead Unicorn Ink returns to the Ottawa Fringe Festival with a hilarious and relevant take on being super. Well, Isn't This Super...(Marvellous Man IV: The Return of Marvellous Man) develops strong characters as it explores the issues surrounding gender stereotypes in Hollywood, particularly the overt over-sexualization of female characters and their lack of representation as strong … Continue reading Well, This Really Was Super…

Local Theatre Companies Seek to Tackle Misogyny in New Works

Reviewed by Brie McFarlane Within a relatively short span at the Ottawa Fringe Festival this year I saw two plays that attempt to comment on misogynistic trends in traditionally male dominated fields through comedy. Though director Nicholas Alain played it way too safe with Richard Hemphill’s text in Duet, or: Pas de Deux; Well Isn’t … Continue reading Local Theatre Companies Seek to Tackle Misogyny in New Works

Kavalier’s Kuriosities: Review

Kavalier's Kuriosities: Review Brianna McFarlane Imagine a time when Christianity governed all aspects of social life: everything from how one dressed or looked, and where one went, to how one interacted with others. Those who did not conform to these rules were shunned. Those with physical afflictions were deemed to be possessed by demons and … Continue reading Kavalier’s Kuriosities: Review