Silent Party Interlude: Review

Silent Party Interlude: Review Carol Sinclair When faced with no direction in life, useless degrees and a dead end bar tending gig, a marginal alcoholic party girl tries to find more out of life and lands herself at a ten day silent meditation camp.  She leaves behind her boy toy, reluctantly hands in her cell phone … Continue reading Silent Party Interlude: Review

Mr. & Mrs. Jones: History, Mystery, and Magic!

Mr. & Mrs. Jones: history, mystery and magic! Carol Sinclair   Get ready, for you are about to bear witness to the final performance of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the famous psychic illusionists (and scam artists) from New Zealand.  This vaudeville inspired show jumps from the classic illusions that amazed and scared their late nineteenth … Continue reading Mr. & Mrs. Jones: History, Mystery, and Magic!