“’Oh No!’ Said the Parrot”, “Oh, Yes!” Said the Critic

Aplombusrhombus blew Fringe audiences away this past summer with their hilarious, yet heartbreaking pantomime show Cardinal and now dynamic duo Madeleine Hall and Mitchell Rose are here at the Fresh Meat Theatre Festival presenting their creepy comedy “Oh No!” said the parrot. Creating a universe in which humor and horror exist on the same spectrum, … Continue reading “’Oh No!’ Said the Parrot”, “Oh, Yes!” Said the Critic


“Cardinal” Achieves Brilliance

The circus must be in town considering the variety of clown shows being offered at the Ottawa Fringe Festival this year. The genre itself, if you are unfamiliar, does not strictly rest in comedy or ridicule and as Aplombusrhomus’ Cardinal shows us, clown can be an incredible way to reach new levels of storytelling.  Using … Continue reading “Cardinal” Achieves Brilliance