To create lesson plans and workshops geared towards training young theatre artists in the basic mechanics of theatre criticism in order to focus and hone their critical faculties as developing creative individuals.


One of the goals that the New Ottawa Critics adopted early on in its inception was the desire to inspire the “next generation” of theatre critics. In 2013 the NOC teamed up with Katya Vetrova and Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre Company to develop a series of workshops dedicated to teaching youth about theatre journalism and, more importantly, publishing their work in the public forum. The workshops focus on giving young theatre artists the tools and the vocabulary to reading a performance (or work of art) and encourages them to find and express their critical voices as young artists.


  1. To teach the basic mechanics of writing a traditional theatre review.
  2. To inspire positive attitudes towards criticism, the critic’s place in theatre ecology, and the (ever changing) relationship between artist and critic.
  3. To foster and encourage responsive spectatorship from a young age.
  4. To give young critics a platform on which their work can be showcased and give them an avenue where their voices can become a part of the theatre discourse.

You can read their work here.

If you are interested in taking part in or developing a youth criticism workshop, please contact Brianna McFarlane at