The New Ottawa Critics is an association comprised of professional theatre journalists and editors who have acquired, or are acquiring, some formal (academic or practical) training in theatre studies or a related discipline.

Here is a list of our past and present contributors:

Brianna (Brie) McFarlane (Executive Founder – Editor in Chief – Critic): Brie attended the University of Ottawa where she completed her Bachelor of Arts with a Specialization in Theatre Studies. In the past, she has been a Theatre Correspondent for Herd Magazine and has had work featured on the Capital Critics Circle. Currently, she spends her time managing the New Ottawa Critics and also teaching theatre criticism workshops with Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre Company and Idlespice Theatre. Brie is an Associate Member of the Canadian Theatre Critics Association.

Ian Huffam (Founder-Critic): Ian holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Theatre and Classical Studies. He is currently attending the University of Ottawa where he is part of the MA program focusing on translations of Greek tragedies.

Caitlin Gowans (Editor): Caitlin is a graduate of the Theatre Department at the University of Ottawa where she received both her Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees in Theatre and Dramaturgy (respectively). Currently, she resides in Toronto, ON working towards a Ph. D at the University of Toronto. Having been employed by the U of O as a Teaching Assistant, Caitlin is no stranger to editing formal and informal pieces of writing.

Meaghan Brackenbury (Student Critic)

Sarah Haley (Student Critic)

Wes Babcock (Critic and former Managing Editor)

Kathy Andrews (Editor)

Meaghan Flaherty (Critic)

Carol Sinclair (Critic)

Martin Glassford (Critic)

Vince Rozario (Editor)


If you are interested in writing for the New Ottawa Critics, send along a CV and a brief sample of your critical/analytical writing (i.e. no short stories, poems, or play excerpts etc) to