Reminisce with “26 lettres à danser”


By: Maria Bilat (11 years old)

I saw 26 lettres à danser and I really liked it. This play made me think about a lot of things and a lot of those things associated with different times in my life. It made me remember some very special moments in my life and also remember all the adventures I had with all of my friends. Here are some of my main thoughts about this play:

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“26 lettres à danser” More Than Meets the Eye

By Anna Nossik (10 years old)

This is a beautiful show, which at first looks like it’s just a thing to help little kids learn the letters, but there’s more to it… This play resembles a lot the exercises that we do in Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre. It also makes your mind wonder and it’s fun to make associations with your experiences, movies that you have watched, books that you have read and stories you have been told.
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“26 lettres à danser” is Enjoyable for All Ages

By: Anna Roiter (11 years old)

This was a really enjoyable show for all ages. At first, when the actors were enthusiastically interacting with the audience, I felt like it was going to be a child show from 4-8. I still wanted to encourage the actors so I answered their questions and had fun. When they showed us specific movements, I got excited because that means that we get to participate in the show!

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An Inexchangeable Exchange

Theatre is one of my truest passions and one of my favorite ways of self-expression. Hello, my name is Angelina, and this year I had the opportunity to spend a full week with the friends I made in Washington DC, last year. The connection between us, Once Upona Kingdom Theatre students, and Solo Theatre students, in the summer of 2014 was  felt immediately. From that moment on we never lost contact and when we reunited, this year, the magic began again.

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