Undercurrents 2018 Launch: Undercurrents Gets Politcal

The undercurrents theatre festival has made a name for itself by trying to showcase some of this country’s boldest theatre performances here in the Capital city. Last year saw the exhilarating stage presence of Sébastien Heins and the bass-thumping Brotherhood: the Hip Hopera, not to mention the audio-adventure that was Ghost River Theatre’s Tomorrow’s Child. … Continue reading Undercurrents 2018 Launch: Undercurrents Gets Politcal


Ottawa’s theatre criticism landscape is changing

By Tamara LaPlante On November 21, 2011, Iain Armitage posted his first theatre review to his YouTube channel: IainLovesTheatre. He was three years old at the time. After seeing a production of Hairspray at Signature Theatre, Armitage filmed a 34 second stand-up with his reactions to the musical. His channel is one example of the … Continue reading Ottawa’s theatre criticism landscape is changing

New Criticism & Writing From a Place of Privilege

Edited by Caitlin Gowans The hype around #Canada150 has seemingly come and gone and like many others, I spent Canada Day in reflection. On this occasion there was an outpouring of ‘think pieces’ from white individuals, myself included, stating their discomfort or feelings of awkwardness in regards to celebrating Canada Day this year because of … Continue reading New Criticism & Writing From a Place of Privilege

Cultural Exchange|Theatrefullstop

"Introducing a new segment to both Theatrefullstop and New Ottawa Critics. As two independent blogger collectives, we are both inspired by what theatrically is happening beyond our borders. Each month, we will correspond with all the latest happenings in our cultural cities. This is an opportunity to learn, be inspired, communicate and collaborate!"- Lucy Basaba, … Continue reading Cultural Exchange|Theatrefullstop

D is for Diversity

Fresh Meat Theatre Festival just opened their call for submissions for their 6th annual edition, and have also taken some really exciting steps towards increasing the diversity of programming available in the awareness of the Ottawa theatre community. What’s the big deal about diversity anyways? Diversity exists on a (ha ha) wide range of axes, … Continue reading D is for Diversity