“My Fair Zombie”: A Fun Spin on an Old Classic

"My Fair Zombie": A Fun Spin on an Old Classic By Ian Huffam "My Fair Zombie" is certainly not a sophisticated musical in the traditional sense, but it’s clear that Brett Kelly knows how to put together a show. If you didn’t infer it from the title, "My Fair Zombie" takes the stuffy pedigree of … Continue reading “My Fair Zombie”: A Fun Spin on an Old Classic


“next to normal” is a Production Worthy of Accolades

Trepidation: the feeling that inexplicably fills my body whenever I encounter a production that focuses solely on mental health. Though, perhaps, it is not so inexplicable: in my limited (but continually expanding) theatregoing experience, sometimes theatre performance that attempts to destigmatize mental illnesses only reinforces those same stigmatizations or stereotypes despite their good intentions. This … Continue reading “next to normal” is a Production Worthy of Accolades

A Classic Confusing RENT

A Classic Confusing Rent  Ian Huffam “What binds the fabric together when the raging, shifting winds of change keep ripping away?” This, and other questions, are raised in the eponymous opening song of Sock ‘N Buskin’s RENT, but they are difficult to answer when the production itself doesn’t seem to know what’s binding it together. … Continue reading A Classic Confusing RENT

Legally Blonde The Musical- Review

Legally Blonde the Musical- Review Carol Sinclair (photo courtesy of Orpheus Musical Theatre Society) Orpheus gets in touch with their feminine side and brings Legally Blonde the Musical to the Centrepointe stage.  The cast obviously had a blast and there were some definite shining stars in the bunch, but I cannot help but be disappointed … Continue reading Legally Blonde The Musical- Review

Carousel: So Close

Carousel: So Close  Ian Huffam             Rodgers and Hammerstein is almost always a safe bet when doing community musical theatre – with familiar plots, soaring songs, and a simple message, any of the iconic duo’s several musicals make for a sure-fire success. Orpheus Musical Theatre’s latest offering of Carousel (playing until June 9 at Centrepointe … Continue reading Carousel: So Close