Review: Songs and Stories of Davy the Punk

Review: Songs and stories of Davy the Punk Meaghan Flaherty Using folk music and storytelling methods, Songs and Stories of Davy the Punk tells the story of Davy Bossin, a notorious “bookie’s Bookie” in the Toronto horse races in the 30’s. Davy is also writer and performer Bob Bossin’s father, whose life was always a mystery to … Continue reading Review: Songs and Stories of Davy the Punk


Summer of ’34: REDUX- Review

Summer of ’34: REDUX Meaghan Flaherty                 Immediately following their recent collaboration with May Can Theatre at the 2013 Fringe festival, Backpack Theatre launches right into a remount of Summer of ’34, which was originally performed at the Fresh Meat festival. Re-written and with new designers, Summer of ’34: Redux, follows Jim as he tries … Continue reading Summer of ’34: REDUX- Review

This is Funny- Is it Though?

  This is Funny – Is it Though? Meaghan Flaherty                 This is Funny filled one of three youth slots at this years 2013 Fringe Festival. Presented by four Canterbury High School students, Monica Bradford-Lea, Dayna Loeper, Kathleen Simms-Elliott and Emma Monet, it sought out to explore what exactly is funny in our modern society, … Continue reading This is Funny- Is it Though?

Superhero Showdown: A Great Time to be Had by All

Superhero Showdown: A Great Time to be Had by All Meaghan Flaherty                 Rock the Arts specializes in puppet shows for parties and events. This year they brought Superhero Showdown, a show about two young puppets, Tillie and Kev, and their babysitter who all want to be superheroes, to the 2013 Fringe Festival. This show … Continue reading Superhero Showdown: A Great Time to be Had by All

The Hatter- Mad About Earnest

The Hatter - Mad About Earnest Meaghan Flaherty                 The Mad Hatter gone sane – impossible, and yet made possible by Andrew Wade through his newest production of The Hatter. This play explores the psyche of the Mad Hatter after he is banished from a “post-Alice” Wonderland for becoming sane. He begins to remember his … Continue reading The Hatter- Mad About Earnest

Botched- Review

Botched-Review Meaghan Flaherty                 How would a child feel if it were the product of a botched abortion, then used as pro-life propaganda? Botched, presented by Toronto’s Cleen Theatre, explores, bizarrely enough, just that concept, as the girl copes by creating personalities for her aborted twin brother (whom she calls Eggbert and is in fact…and … Continue reading Botched- Review

Disillusion- Glassiano Creates Beautiful Imagery On Stage

Disillusion- Glassiano Creates Beautiful Imagery On Stage Meaghan Flaherty It is very easy for a human being to make assumptions about somebody's character based solely on that person's mistakes. Disillusion, presented by Glassiano Productions, explores one former prison guard's judgments of others as he relives the last moments of two inmates on death row; like … Continue reading Disillusion- Glassiano Creates Beautiful Imagery On Stage

Windfall Jelly- Review

Windfall Jelly Meaghan Flaherty                 I’m not sure what a windfall is exactly, but after seeing Windfall Jelly, I’m interpreting it as being synonymous with the lemons that life sometimes hands to you. The Van Leuwen family, whom this show is about, certainly receives lots of lemons this harvest…in fact, way too many lemons. many … Continue reading Windfall Jelly- Review

Barely Even There- Review

Barely Even There Meaghan Flaherty                 Barely Even There, follows Chris and Amy as they end their thirteen year marriage and their twelve year old daughter Grace has difficulty coming to terms with the separation. Written by and starring J.P. Chartier, along with Maude Thennon-Richard and Camille Simard-Langlois, the script lacks some originality, though the … Continue reading Barely Even There- Review