The Broken Boundaries of “Blink”

by Sarah Haley "Love is whatever you feel it to be". Or at least, that’s what Plosive Production’s latest show, Blink, tells you. Written by Phil Porter and directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik, Blink is both a heartfelt and an unsettling performance. However, calling it a love story is misleading.  While it is true that the … Continue reading The Broken Boundaries of “Blink”


“Little One” Brings Big Performances to Stage

If you’re looking for something fun and edgy to watch this weekend, look no further than Little One currently playing at Live! On Elgin until this coming Saturday. This dark and sometimes sinister production carries a lot of emotional depth, not to mention some fantastic performances that will keep your eyes glued to the stage. … Continue reading “Little One” Brings Big Performances to Stage

“Forstner & Fillister” Level with Masculinity

Every year undercurrents usually brings back a few artists that have been involved with the festival before, but with Forstner & Fillister comes the only chance this year to see a show that has previously appeared as a work in development in the same setting. Everything you love about the previous undercurrents or even the … Continue reading “Forstner & Fillister” Level with Masculinity

“The Twilight Parade”: Looks Cool, but Comes On a Little Strong

IAN: STO Union’s The Twilight Parade is a genuinely impressive undertaking: a 70-minute hand-animated film entirely put together by local community members, while 8 voice actors provide live voiceover. This family-friendly (for the most part) show follows a young fairy-like creature and the residents of a small town as they address the lack of love … Continue reading “The Twilight Parade”: Looks Cool, but Comes On a Little Strong

“Building the Wall”: A Character Study Exploring “Building” the Straw Man Argument

Robert Schenkkan’s Building the Wall, a speculative look at the near future of America under the Trump presidency, is a timely yet oddly underwhelming examination of the political situation our southern neighbours have regrettably brought upon themselves. Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Theatre present the Canadian premiere (playing at the Gladstone until December 3rd) of this … Continue reading “Building the Wall”: A Character Study Exploring “Building” the Straw Man Argument

Fresh Meat 6: Weekend 2 Round Up

It happens. Sometimes when we feel super passionate about something we run the risk of biting off more than we can chew. Last week when we published our article for the first weekend of the Fresh Meat Theatre Festival, we brought up some issues that were far too big for one piece to thoroughly and … Continue reading Fresh Meat 6: Weekend 2 Round Up

Fresh Meat 6 Weekend 1 Round Up

Author’s Note: Last edited on October 16th, October 20th November 2, 2017. This article has been edited from a previous version to better articulate some critical analysis of Fresh Meat’s mandate for diversity.  These conversations are important to have and it’s important to choose our words carefully.  These edits reflect the author’s development in thinking … Continue reading Fresh Meat 6 Weekend 1 Round Up

High Praise for “Almighty Voice & His Wife”

Although my compatriot and I sat through an ungodly amount of traffic last Tuesday evening to get to Kingston, Ontario, Daniel David Moses’ Almighty Voice & his Wife, directed by the formidable Lib Spry and playing at The Grand Theatre (the Baby Grand, to be exact), certainly made up for it. An incredibly thought-provoking text … Continue reading High Praise for “Almighty Voice & His Wife”

‘Midsummer Night’ Keeps the ‘Dream’ Alive

This year’s Torchlight Shakespeare production from A Company of Fools continues their proud tradition of fun and fast-paced classical theatre, with only a hint of growing pains as they bring new performers into their fold. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of Shakespeare’s most performed plays, and in many ways is an ideal play for … Continue reading ‘Midsummer Night’ Keeps the ‘Dream’ Alive