“A Better Play Than Hamlet” Isn’t

If you have any reverence for Shakespeare’s “greatest work,” you’re discouraged from attending this performance by it’s own show brief. Luckily, my reverence impulse leads inevitably to an irreverent impulse, because I believe irreverence can be one of the highest forms of praise. In any event, this show by turns mocks, in an explicit attempt … Continue reading “A Better Play Than Hamlet” Isn’t


“Underneath it All” is a Brave New Work

Underneath it All, written and performed by Hannah Gibson-Fraser and Jodi Morden, is a dark and fragmented look into the lives of two women and how their conceptions of love and monogamy are affected by experiences of abuse and mental illness. It’s a truly harrowing tale that is, tragically, a reality for many women living … Continue reading “Underneath it All” is a Brave New Work

“Lub Dub” Where’s the Rub?

Lub Dub, presented by NickelPumpernickel, is described in the Ottawa Fringe Festival show program as being unclassifiable, collaborative, experimental, comedy, and performance art. It is a mostly improv-based show interwoven with moments of storytelling that “speaks to the backgrounds of [creator-performers] Monica Joan Ogden, as a Filipina settler woman, and Tony Adams, as a European settler … Continue reading “Lub Dub” Where’s the Rub?

Luna: Orbital Velocity Achieved

Vanessa Quesnelle (known to Ottawa Fringers from Moonlight After Midnight, and Love is a Battlefield) is producing her first solo work in 5 years at the festival. Quesnelle puts her considerable vocal chops, strong physicality, and sharp writing on display in a piece that weaves all three elements into a coming-of-age story that blends creation … Continue reading Luna: Orbital Velocity Achieved