Are you experiencing Fringe Festival withdrawal? Do you find that there is just too long of a wait in between Fringe and Undercurrents? Are you looking for something to do this weekend that doesn’t involve a self-induced turkey coma and/or PSLs? Well, look no further because the Ottawa Fringe Festival has got your back with … Continue reading FRINGE ENCORE: PREVIEW


Review: To Hell in a Handbasket

Review: To Hell in a Handbasket Brianna McFarlane           I first saw To Hell in a Handbasket in its initial stages at this year’s Fresh Meat Festival where it was clear that creator Madeleine Boyes-Manseau had stumbled upon something that had potential to grow into something big. Now having seen it’s (somewhat) final product, extended and … Continue reading Review: To Hell in a Handbasket

L’Araignée Ensnares You

L’Araignée Wes Babcock   Quoique je comprenne toutes trois langues naturelles utilisées dans cette pièce de théâtre, les mots me manquent pour décrire et expliquer en français ma réaction à ce merveilleux spectacle. Je présente donc mes excuses sincères aux artistes fracophones responsables pour cette production qui, à mon avis,  méritent que mes pensées soient … Continue reading L’Araignée Ensnares You

Chase and Stacey Present a Joyous Ride

Chase and Stacey Present a Joyous Ride Meaghan Flaherty Chase & Stacey Present: Joyride, a sketch comedy/ musical show performed by Stacey Hallal and Chase Padgett is certainly exactly what it promises – a joyous ride. Laugh out loud funny and very interesting to watch, this show is certainly one that’s worth hopping on board. … Continue reading Chase and Stacey Present a Joyous Ride