Red Bastard- Review

Red Bastard- Review Carol Sinclair This is not a typical show, and a typical review would not do it justice. Any attempt to explain would take away the element of surprise and you will have a much fuller experience if you can enter with a clean slate and go off your own instincts instead of … Continue reading Red Bastard- Review

The Vanity Project- Review

The Vanity Project- Review Meaghan Flaherty                 Telling the Greek Tragedy of Narcissus and Echo through a Rock Opera, The Vanity Project, though it claims to be “a cautionary tale for an isolating age”, simply manages to caution against the ineffectiveness of boredom to musical theater. Though the score has potential to be quite well … Continue reading The Vanity Project- Review

Sappho…In 9 Fragments- Review

Sappho…in 9 Fragments- Review Meaghan Flaherty                 A modern re-telling of a Greek tale, Sappho …in 9 Fragments, is a visual masterpiece. Performed by Victoria Grove, the set of scaffolding filled with ropes demands physical acrobatics to maneuver through the space. Grove uses physicality to embody the characters of Sappho and Attis, and tells their … Continue reading Sappho…In 9 Fragments- Review

Tinfoil Satellite- Review

Tinfoil Satellite- Review Meaghan Flaherty                 Tinfoil Satellite is exactly what you think it’s going to be – friends making fun of horrible movies. Taking place in the Royal Oak Basement on Laurier, the atmosphere is so relaxed and inviting. You are told to bring down food but more importantly, a drink, and to “stock … Continue reading Tinfoil Satellite- Review

Assassinating Thomson- Review

Assassinating Thomson- Review Meaghan Flaherty                 This show is wonderful! The atmosphere in the theater is so relaxed as writer and performer Bruce Horak presents his story about art, Thom Thomson, and ultimately perspective. Horak, who has 9% vision and is legally blind, paints a portrait of the audience how he sees them as he … Continue reading Assassinating Thomson- Review

Slut (R)evolution- Review 2

Slut (R)evolution- Review 2 Meaghan Flaherty                 Sex positivity is a very important matter which should be brought up more through media and art. Slut (R)evolution aims to bring these issues to the forefront and begin a sexual revolution. Written and performed by Cameryn Moore, Slut (R)evolution tells the story of Moore’s sexual growth throughout … Continue reading Slut (R)evolution- Review 2