The Vanity Project- High School Myth Musical

The Vanity Project- High School Myth MusicalBrianna McFarlane                I sincerely hope that whatever Vanity Project Productions brings to the Gladstone’s upcoming season is better than what they’ve brought to this year’s Fringe festival, because The Vanity Project, written, directed, and starring Tim Oberholzer , is easily one of the weakest musicals and performances I have … Continue reading The Vanity Project- High School Myth Musical

Windfall Jelly- Review

Windfall Jelly Meaghan Flaherty                 I’m not sure what a windfall is exactly, but after seeing Windfall Jelly, I’m interpreting it as being synonymous with the lemons that life sometimes hands to you. The Van Leuwen family, whom this show is about, certainly receives lots of lemons this harvest…in fact, way too many lemons. many … Continue reading Windfall Jelly- Review

The Red Bastard Delivers the Best in Bouffon

Red Bastard- Review Brianna McFarlane If you're not a fan of being forced into genuine interaction with a stage performance, then Red Bastard, performed by Eric Davis and created under the direction of Sue Morrison with continued direction by Deanna Fleysher, will likely turn you off of one man bouffon shows for a while. However, … Continue reading The Red Bastard Delivers the Best in Bouffon

Barely Even There- Review

Barely Even There Meaghan Flaherty                 Barely Even There, follows Chris and Amy as they end their thirteen year marriage and their twelve year old daughter Grace has difficulty coming to terms with the separation. Written by and starring J.P. Chartier, along with Maude Thennon-Richard and Camille Simard-Langlois, the script lacks some originality, though the … Continue reading Barely Even There- Review