L’Araignée is Unique

L’Araignée is Unique   Carol Sinclair Upon entering the dimly lit Firestone gallery we are met by eerie sounds from a tape recorder and the stare of a still woman in blue.  It looks as though she is a piece on display among the other art.  When she rises, we all follow and thus begins … Continue reading L’Araignée is Unique

Silent Party Interlude: Review

Silent Party Interlude: Review Carol Sinclair When faced with no direction in life, useless degrees and a dead end bar tending gig, a marginal alcoholic party girl tries to find more out of life and lands herself at a ten day silent meditation camp.  She leaves behind her boy toy, reluctantly hands in her cell phone … Continue reading Silent Party Interlude: Review

Mr. & Mrs. Jones: History, Mystery, and Magic!

Mr. & Mrs. Jones: history, mystery and magic! Carol Sinclair   Get ready, for you are about to bear witness to the final performance of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the famous psychic illusionists (and scam artists) from New Zealand.  This vaudeville inspired show jumps from the classic illusions that amazed and scared their late nineteenth … Continue reading Mr. & Mrs. Jones: History, Mystery, and Magic!

Legally Blonde The Musical- Review

Legally Blonde the Musical- Review Carol Sinclair (photo courtesy of Orpheus Musical Theatre Society) Orpheus gets in touch with their feminine side and brings Legally Blonde the Musical to the Centrepointe stage.  The cast obviously had a blast and there were some definite shining stars in the bunch, but I cannot help but be disappointed … Continue reading Legally Blonde The Musical- Review

Assassinating Thomson: A Canadian Masterpiece

Assassinating Thomson: A Canadian Masterpiece Carol Sinclair         What really happened to Tom Thomson?  What truths have been lost because of the manipulation of our perception of an event that took place almost 100 years ago?  How has being a Canadian artist changed since then? How can we see through the eyes of another?  How … Continue reading Assassinating Thomson: A Canadian Masterpiece

Around Miss Julie- Review

Around Miss Julie- Review Carol Sinclair             A new director (played by Miriam Cummings) has taken on the challenge of an adaptation of Strindberg’s Miss Julie, “Julie in a Snow Storm,” because of her deep connection with the lead character.  Their commonalities surpass sharing a name, they both have a rich father, a raging sex … Continue reading Around Miss Julie- Review