So much more Dicky Dicky!

Dicky Dicky Carol Sinclair   Comedian Louie CK once said “you don’t have to be smart to laugh at farts, but you have to be stupid not to.”  Garkin Productions embodies this sentiment whole-heartedly with their production of Dicky Dicky.  Adult diapers, half naked sweaty men, mullet wigs, sassy set changes, cat food, boobs and … Continue reading So much more Dicky Dicky!


Yes: Missing Iredea Would Be the End of the World

Iredea Carol Sinclair The impending apocalypse seems to be quite the popular theme at Fringe this year, and these kinds of shows often fall into the trap of being one-dimensional or kitschy, but Iredea, the apocalyptic dance rock opera is anything but. The story of how the world ended is complex and engaging.  It is … Continue reading Yes: Missing Iredea Would Be the End of the World

The Devil’s Bedevilled Circus

The Devil’s Bedevilled Circus Carol Sinclair When circus performers die, they enter the Devil’s circus where they are transformed into demons and are forced to perform for all eternity.  Orpheus and Eurydice are tightrope walkers, and in a tragic “accident,” Eurydice enters Lucifer’s lair.  Daniel Wishes and Seri Yanai mount this tale using Bunraku puppets … Continue reading The Devil’s Bedevilled Circus