“Indigenous Walks” Sets a New Pace for Canadian Art History

Admittedly I was not super looking forward to a walking tour in this frigid hell we call the Capital City; however, Indigenous Walks marks an almost necessary experience for any individual in Ottawa- local or otherwise. Taking us around the Byward Market, our guide (re)introduced us to many Indigenous artworks seemingly hidden in the area … Continue reading “Indigenous Walks” Sets a New Pace for Canadian Art History

“The Pipeline Project” Strikes Gold

  Ian: The Pipeline Project has a lot going for it: it’s well-written and -performed, it deals with issues that directly affect Canadians, and with Kevin Loring’s involvement it also serves as something of a teaser for the upcoming Indigenous Theatre stream at the National Arts Centre. What strikes me the most about this production, however, … Continue reading “The Pipeline Project” Strikes Gold

“Little Boxes” Has Giant Stage Presence

Ian: I have to say my first night at undercurrents 2018 really blew me away, with two mainstage shows that examine major issues bubbling under the surface of Canadian society and a workshop production that’s already taking its unusual premise in fun directions. The first show of the night was Little Boxes, an exploration of … Continue reading “Little Boxes” Has Giant Stage Presence

Moscovitch’s 1920s Drama Falls Short in 2018

“Girls have been written and represented in popular culture in many different ways. Most of these representations have been largely unsatisfying because they never get girlhood quite right. It is not possible for girlhood to be represented wholly—girlhood is too vast and too individual an experience. We can only try to represent girlhood in ways … Continue reading Moscovitch’s 1920s Drama Falls Short in 2018

Student Production Sees Success With ‘Legally Blonde’

The University of Ottawa’s Musical Theatre Society has just served up what might be the most fun production of January. If you missed this sold out show, I can understand your feelings of FOMO. It’s been just over a week and I’m still thinking about this production. Legally Blonde: The Musical (book by Heather Hach … Continue reading Student Production Sees Success With ‘Legally Blonde’

Go See “Mr. Shi (and His Lover)”!

2018 might be off to a rather chilly start, but the even the sub-zero temperatures failed to keep theatregoers from attending the opening night of Macau Experimental Theatre’s Mr. Shi and His Lover at the National Arts Centre (playing until January 13th). Given the high accolades that this production has received coming out of Toronto … Continue reading Go See “Mr. Shi (and His Lover)”!

Undercurrents 2018 Launch: Undercurrents Gets Politcal

The undercurrents theatre festival has made a name for itself by trying to showcase some of this country’s boldest theatre performances here in the Capital city. Last year saw the exhilarating stage presence of Sébastien Heins and the bass-thumping Brotherhood: the Hip Hopera, not to mention the audio-adventure that was Ghost River Theatre’s Tomorrow’s Child. … Continue reading Undercurrents 2018 Launch: Undercurrents Gets Politcal

Fresh Meat 6: Weekend 2 Round Up

It happens. Sometimes when we feel super passionate about something we run the risk of biting off more than we can chew. Last week when we published our article for the first weekend of the Fresh Meat Theatre Festival, we brought up some issues that were far too big for one piece to thoroughly and … Continue reading Fresh Meat 6: Weekend 2 Round Up

Community Voices: Halloween Edition!

Check out our new video with Patrice Forbes from Dead Unicorn Ink where we go through some easy DIY stage blood recipes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG6AkeFav4E Ten Little Sinners returns to Ottawa on October 27th and 28th as part of the Fringe Encore series. Ingredients: Laundry soap (or dish soap), coffee (cooled), chocolate sauce, red food dye OR … Continue reading Community Voices: Halloween Edition!

Fresh Meat 6 Weekend 1 Round Up

Author’s Note: Last edited on October 16th, October 20th November 2, 2017. This article has been edited from a previous version to better articulate some critical analysis of Fresh Meat’s mandate for diversity.  These conversations are important to have and it’s important to choose our words carefully.  These edits reflect the author’s development in thinking … Continue reading Fresh Meat 6 Weekend 1 Round Up