EMBEDDED CRITICISM: Critics Become Stagehands for a Night

Blind Date @ GCTC November 30-December 17, 2017 Previews November 28 and 29 WHAT IS EMBEDDED CRITICISM? The traditional model for theatre criticism (and other art forms) involves a separation between artist and critic. The artist(s) create(s) a piece of theatre and present it, the critic attends the performance and writes their review, and never … Continue reading EMBEDDED CRITICISM: Critics Become Stagehands for a Night

Cultural Exchange Letter #3: Celebrating Theatre & Technology

Dear Brie, the New Ottawa Critics Team and fellow readers,   I've found these past few months incredibly eye opening; It has been great to talk to a theatre reviewing collective passionate about their local theatre scene. I continue to look forward to future exchanges, learning about prevalent issues within the Ottawa theatre community. The … Continue reading Cultural Exchange Letter #3: Celebrating Theatre & Technology

Undercurrents 2018 Launch: Undercurrents Gets Politcal

The undercurrents theatre festival has made a name for itself by trying to showcase some of this country’s boldest theatre performances here in the Capital city. Last year saw the exhilarating stage presence of Sébastien Heins and the bass-thumping Brotherhood: the Hip Hopera, not to mention the audio-adventure that was Ghost River Theatre’s Tomorrow’s Child. … Continue reading Undercurrents 2018 Launch: Undercurrents Gets Politcal

Community Voices: Halloween Edition!

Check out our new video with Patrice Forbes from Dead Unicorn Ink where we go through some easy DIY stage blood recipes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG6AkeFav4E Ten Little Sinners returns to Ottawa on October 27th and 28th as part of the Fringe Encore series. Ingredients: Laundry soap (or dish soap), coffee (cooled), chocolate sauce, red food dye OR … Continue reading Community Voices: Halloween Edition!

Upcoming Events 2017-2018

While local baristas are preparing for the onslaught of PSLs headed their way, the Ottawa theatre community is gearing up for another year jam-packed with performances. Yes, September is already in full swing which can only mean the launch of new seasonal programming at numerous venues across the city (NAC, GCTC, La Nouvelle Scene, OLT, … Continue reading Upcoming Events 2017-2018

Ottawa’s theatre criticism landscape is changing

By Tamara LaPlante On November 21, 2011, Iain Armitage posted his first theatre review to his YouTube channel: IainLovesTheatre. He was three years old at the time. After seeing a production of Hairspray at Signature Theatre, Armitage filmed a 34 second stand-up with his reactions to the musical. His channel is one example of the … Continue reading Ottawa’s theatre criticism landscape is changing

Cultural Exchange|Theatrefullstop

"Introducing a new segment to both Theatrefullstop and New Ottawa Critics. As two independent blogger collectives, we are both inspired by what theatrically is happening beyond our borders. Each month, we will correspond with all the latest happenings in our cultural cities. This is an opportunity to learn, be inspired, communicate and collaborate!"- Lucy Basaba, … Continue reading Cultural Exchange|Theatrefullstop

D is for Diversity

Fresh Meat Theatre Festival just opened their call for submissions for their 6th annual edition, and have also taken some really exciting steps towards increasing the diversity of programming available in the awareness of the Ottawa theatre community. What’s the big deal about diversity anyways? Diversity exists on a (ha ha) wide range of axes, … Continue reading D is for Diversity