Michael Healey Unites Audiences with New Political Satire “1979”

1979, a new play by the esteemed Michael Healey debuted Thursday night at the GCTC as a co-production with the Shaw Festival. A farcical, somewhat fantastical, and wholly fictional take on the behind the scenes of real historical events, Healey’s play aims its satire squarely at the individuals who formed the Canadian political elite around … Continue reading Michael Healey Unites Audiences with New Political Satire “1979”

MagNorth: A Post-Mortem

Following the cancellation of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival March 22nd, NOC’s Wes Babcock spoke with board member John Goldsmith in a search for more information about the cancellation, the festival’s history, and its future. Dark Day Mondays goes investigative. In order to better understand the Festival’s cancellation, it’s necessary to talk a bit about it’s … Continue reading MagNorth: A Post-Mortem


In the wake of the Magnetic North cancellation last week, (to say nothing of the hopefully non-permanent Puppets Up cancellation) I’ve been thinking a lot about the way momentum works in the theatrical ecosystem. Festivals of all kinds are effective because they create an environment where many different creators can come together, and do the administrative … Continue reading Momentum

The Collaborative Audience

It was brought to my attention last week that I was talking about theatre criticism as a collaboration between theatre artist, critic, and spectator without really exploring what that means. I touch on the relationships between these types of people a bit in the article on The Separation of Art and Critic, but I think it might … Continue reading The Collaborative Audience

The Critic is Dead (Long Live The Critic)

    The critics panel last week at undercurrents Festival had some interesting discussion about the future of arts journalism. I am going to take this opportunity to further flesh out some of the emerging trends that were discussed at the conclusion of the panel. Principally, I want to talk about our long-form brand of criticism, … Continue reading The Critic is Dead (Long Live The Critic)

Where We Live (New Ottawa Critics in Residence)

   I’ve been talking for weeks now about what the critical landscape currently looks like in this country, what the New Ottawa Critics thinks it’s trying to accomplish, and the theory behind that. Now it’s time to talk a bit about how exactly we are hoping to address some of these issues. So this edition … Continue reading Where We Live (New Ottawa Critics in Residence)

“Tomorrow’s Child” has room for growth.

****This review may contain spoilers***** The final show to premier at undercurrents this year is from Ghost River Theatre in Calgary, and it is unlike anything else at the festival. The company has specifically requested that I not reveal some key details about the show, and I will attempt to honour that request; I am … Continue reading “Tomorrow’s Child” has room for growth.