We are the New Ottawa Critics…


Founded in 2012 by a small group comprised of students and alumni of the University of Ottawa’s Theatre Department, the New Ottawa Critics(NOC) came together as a collective of individuals who all shared a passion for writing theatre criticism. The organization takes pride in our contributors’ cultivated practical experience as a supplement to their theoretical backgrounds and many of our members have worked or continue to work in the Ottawa theatre community. We believe in investing in the future of theatre criticism in Canada, and thus we strive to engage and train new minds through different workshops and non-traditional forms of theatre journalism (i.e. video blogging or doodling). The NOC seeks to promote professional-level theatre journalism on a digital platform from the perspective of formally trained theatre critics.

Mission Statement

To create and foster critical discourse about theatre art, and engage with and educate the community to participate in this discussion, and to break down the barriers that separate artist and critic.

To hold theatre criticism to a high standard in the Ottawa theatre community by publishing professional-level work regularly by way of our contributors’ theoretical and practical training as theatre practitioners, academics, and writers.


By analyzing theatre productions through critical and thought-provoking commentary at a professional standard which seeks to contribute to and to encourage fresh discourse and patronage in the Ottawa theatre community, the NOC as an organization hopes to achieve three goals:

  1. Hold theatre criticism and theatre journalists up to a high standard, not only in the Ottawa theatre community, but in the Canadian theatre scene at large.
  2. Create more opportunities for young and/or emerging theatre critics by hosting workshops and panel discussions.
  3. Revive interest in theatre criticism by challenging outdated notions about theatre critics.