Rachel and Zoe: Uncorked and Uncensored isn’t going to be for everyone. Written and performed by irl bffs Hannah Gibson-Fraser and Jodi Morden, this show is a fun piece of fluff that’s definitely better enjoyed alongside some good friends and even better wine. It tackles such classic topics of sex, love, and failed relationships and although it may seem a little cliche at times, in the end, you can’t help but like Rachel and Zoe.


The show starts out with Zoe (Morden) showing up at Rachel’s (Gibson-Fraser) house upset at the fallout of her date earlier that evening. The two friends haven’t seen each other in a while so some catching up is in order and, of course, this requires a bottle of wine. Rachel dishes the tea about her upcoming nuptials including her frustrations with her fiance’s lack of enthusiasm towards planning the big event and their lack of intercourse. Zoe spills the details about how her attraction towards her friend-with-benefits (who she has, of course, nicknamed Don Juan) appears to have dissipated because he “wants to get to know her” and reveals that her abusive ex-boyfriend has been trying to get ahold of her again. Each of these (usually NSFW) flashback encounters are aided by performer Dan DeMarbre who plays each of the male characters.

Admittedly, the content is not the most innovative and the tone sometimes feels much like a soap opera. However, the show is definitely worth watching for the chemistry between Gibson-Fraser and Morden who play off of each other beautifully and are some seriously funny performers on stage. Don’t get me wrong, DeMarbre holds his own considering most of his scenes are relatively sexual in nature but it is the ladies who are the star of this show. The scene with the fake orgasm features some hilarious facial expressions from Gibson-Fraser that had me in stitches. Morden is equally comical with her deadpan and blunt responses to Rachel’s often nervous ramblings. The tenderness and natural chemistry between the two ladies brings a genuine sense of affection between the two characters.

Rachel and Zoe is certainly the definition of “uncorked and uncensored” and the drama in these two friends’ lives makes this show the “Guilty Pleasure” of the 2018 Ottawa Fringe Festival.

Rachel and Zoe: Uncorked and Uncensored

By Hannah Gibson-Fraser and Jodi Morden

Presented by PrettyUgly Theatre Productions

Venue 3: Academic Hall


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