Dear Brie, the New Ottawa Critics Team and fellow readers,
I’ve found these past few months incredibly eye opening; It has been great to talk to a theatre reviewing collective passionate about their local theatre scene. I continue to look forward to future exchanges, learning about prevalent issues within the Ottawa theatre community. The last New Ottawa Critics’ article made for an insightful read, my next letter will be written in response to the prevalent topic of diversity within the theatre industry. 

To conclude this year, I thought I’d talk about an initiative that has been close to my heart for the last year and a half; the Theatre & Technology Awards.
Image courtesy of Lucy Basaba and Theatrefullstop
This cultural exchange couldn’t have happened without the likes of social media or email, and at the awards’ crux is an acknowledgement of a fast paced, technological time we now find ourselves living in. Born out of a need to celebrate feats currently being accomplished within theatres, on the streets and online, the Theatre and Technology Awards serves as a thank you to all of the professionals who help to enhance the theatrical experience behind the scenes. The Awards acknowledges eleven categories which are:
Creative Innovation in Sound 
Creative Innovation in Lighting 
Creative Innovation in Video Projection 
Best Marketing Campaign
Best Online Publication
Best Poster Design
Best Trailer
Best Production 
Photography Best 
Live Streaming Platform 
Outstanding Production
From July 2016 to June 2017, critics and the public were invited to cast their votes and eleven judges across the theatre industry chose their winners and highly recommended finalists. On Sunday 22nd October, a host of theatre creatives gathered at the Bush Theatre in London to celebrate the achievements of creatives across the eleven categories. Our awards sponsor, Projected Image; a gobo manufacturing company crafted the winner’s trophies which were very fitting with the technological theme. Information on all winners can be found here…
Pictured (L-R): Creative Innovation in Sound award winners Adam El Hagar, Simon Maeder, Daniel Foxsmith, and Tope Mikun; Image courtesy of Theatrefullstop
What’s great is that we are living in a time whereby technology is advancing at such rapid speed that ideas can be expressed in exciting ways. Sound,lighting and video projection design continue to push the boundaries as to just what can be accomplished. Marketingpodcasting and online publications contribute to spreading the word about the latest productions, whether that be with reviews, interviews or other strategies to create as much brand awareness as possible. Poster design contributes to the visual language of a production, perhaps one of the oldest forms of marketing, there is no denying the power a strong visual can have in attracting passers by on their commute. Synonymous with film, trailers are renowned for drawing in a potential customer base by showcasing snippets of future features, and theatre companies are now using this tactic to draw in potential customers.Online streaming and live streaming within the past five years have also helped to make theatre a lot more accessible to audiences that perhaps do not attend the theatre. Both allow for audiences nationally and internationally to catch up on the latest shows from some of the capital’s reputable theatres from the National Theatre to the Royal Opera House
What’s exciting is that this is only the beginning, who knows what feats will be achieved within the next one, two, five or ten years? The awards champion innovation, and say thank you to an industry that has collaboration at its heart.
Find out how awards night was brought together…
Thank you for reading and look forward to your next letter, 

Lucy Basaba
Theatre Full Stop founder and editor 

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