Last year’s Marvellous Man IV is some of Dead Unicorn Ink’s best work to date in my opinion. Back again this year with their R-rated murder mystery, Ten Little Sinners, DUI- riding the waves of that momentum- delivers one of the most enjoyable shows at the 2017 Ottawa Fringe. It’s kitschy, it’s punny, and definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. Looking for a good time? Hit up Venue 2: Academic Hall on Tuesday night at 10pm.

Inspired by mystery maven Agatha Christie and her novel And Then There Were None (which was originally published in the UK under a very different title in 1939), Ten Little Sinners centres around ten not-so-strangers who are “lured to the middle of the Nevada desert to shoot a porno film with the promise of a huge payload”; however, what they don’t know is that they’ve actually been summoned there for the most nefarious of reasons. As mysterious deaths begin happening the secrets start spilling as each character makes a desperate attempt to find out ‘whodunnit’.

19105053_10101929618277516_370991930_o (1)
Pictured L-R: Jon Dickey, Zoe Towne, Nicholas Amott, Brennan Dougsan, Patrice Forbes, Meaghan Flaherty, Ian McMullen (kneeling), Sam Kellerman, Carrie Anthony (Front Left), and Carley Richards (Front centre)

Written by Patrice Forbes and directed by Jeremy Piamonte, this production is very classic Dead Unicorn with flashy design aesthetics hearkening back to Space Mystery From Outer Space and extensive punnery rivalling Playing Dead. The ensemble features a veritable slew of local actors, including Forbes herself, and they all really give in to the ridiculousness of their roles. Nicholas Amott is a particular stand out (though not for the reason you’re probably thinking if you’ve seen the show already), despite not being on stage for very long. Brennan Dougson is hilarious as the macho yet homo-erotic camera man and also Jon Dickey who reprises his role as Marvellous Man Director Michael Cove.

The women in this show are certainly to be commended as well. Meaghan Flaherty as S&M consultant Seamus Seamen is a no-nonsense Mistress and so fierce that I can’t decide if I’m scared of her or want to be her (okay, maybe it’s both). Zoe Towne nails the prima-donna pornstar attitude as Amelie Blunt and I love that a lot of her stage business is just giving mad side-eye from across the stage. There’s absolutely no way you don’t hate her when she steals up-and-coming star Veronique Rosethorn’s silk kimono- but that moment is so delicious. Finally, Forbes who really ‘bares all’ (sorry, I had to) this production gives a great performance as Rosethorn and I feel like her experience with Improv has really helped her grow as a serious actor.

All in all, Ten Little Sinners is your quintessential Fringe show. It’s the perfect show to see in the evening, with friends, maybe even after enjoying some cold brews at the Beer Tent. It’s laugh out loud funny, groan-worthy (literally there is just one character who strictly makes puns the entire show), and just plain outrageous. If you’re looking for something strictly casual with no strings attached, don’t be afraid to swipe right on this sexy little number.

Ten Little Sinners 

Produced by Dead Unicorn Ink

Written by Patrice Forbes

Directed by Jeremy Piamonte

Venue 2: Academic Hall


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