By Timofei Smolko

During this play i had many analogies to my life. The play walked the audience through a story of all the letters in the alphabet.

The first scene was A and they were screaming a lot and moving abruptly that reminded me of how it is to be on a roller-coaster. The B scene made me think of myself and how I let go of a balloon and it floated away while i tried catching it again with the rope still hanging down from it.

Photograph taken by; Photography by Rolline Laporte

Some scenes I didn’t have a memory of and C was one of them and more. Y reminded me of an alien that i saw in a movie. The M gave me the idea of architecture because the guy was constructing a building. The L gave me the memory of going to a place in Amsterdam with many lights because they made the lights glow in the dark and I feel like I’ve been to a place like that. The E, evolution, gave me the picture of the monkey turning into a human. They also had R for revolution and this reminded me of how I did a project on the Russian revolution. And the last one was the Z scene that reminded me of how my dad dances because the actors danced similarly to my dad.

26 lettres à danser 

A Bouge de là production

Conceived, Directed, and Co-Choreographed by Hélène Langevin

February 11-12, 2017

Instructor’s Note from Ekaterina Vetrova of Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre Company: “Instead of giving the class lots of theory this time around, I gave them an hour class right before the show which consisted of practical exercises or associations and included verbal, physical movement, rhythm, and acting exercises. The point was to make the students’ imaginations work so that they could start to recognize images and, in response, come up with new associations, images, thoughts, memories, and fantasies provoked by certain words and/or movements in the show. The result was a very engaging and energetic class where all the students participated super actively. Then we watched the show, had a discussion afterwards, and then the students went home and were instructed to write a ‘creative review’ that had to reflect in some way the associations and images that came to their heads while watching the performance. I am very happy with the result and for many of them it is currently their best written critical work so far!”

See more work from the students of O.U.K. Theatre here.


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