Fire up the grills ‘cause it’s that time of year again! Fresh Meat Theatre Festival launches its 5th installment this evening at Arts Court Theatre with ten new(ish) companies that are repping all new work. With the steaks higher than ever this year, we’re trimming the fat and offering up three (ok four) of our top picks for Fresh Meat Five.

Ian’s pick: “I’m most excited for Burger King Lear. The title really says all: an adaptation of a great dramatic work in a decidedly not great setting, which is already a good setup for irreverent comedy. If the show mashes up fast food buzzwords with dramatic concepts (like “flame-broiled deception”) as much as their promotional material does, I’ll be happy. Additionally, the involvement of director Mado Boyes-Manseau makes me hopeful, as I’ve enjoyed all of her shows that I’ve seen since we were in uOttawa’s Department of Theatre.”

Wes’ pick: “I’m looking forward to S.S. Lightbulb, because it sounds odd, and I really like odd things. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of these performers before, so this one is a real shot in the dark based on the show description ‘the three electricians called to save the day have no idea how…’”

Brie’s pick: “I seriously can’t wait to see Kevin Reid’s Unzipping the Cat. I was lucky enough to see the beginnings of this piece at a Fringe fundraiser and it brought out so many unexpected emotions in a matter of, like, five minutes I was really blown away. Reid’s physicality gets better and more sophisticated each time I see him on stage, so I am looking forward to seeing the development in his stagecraft. Also, Aplombusrhombus (who blessed us with Cardinal at the 2016 Ottawa Fringe) has me eagerly anticipating their newest work “OH NO!” Said the Parrot. What can I say? I love clowns!”

Fresh Meat Theatre Festival weekend #1 runs October 13th-15th and features artists: Greg Houston Comedy, Second Step, Skeleton Key, Plants, Strange Visitations, and (in the little black box) John Doucet, Julie Le Gal and Manon St-Jules. The second weekend, October 20th-22nd, will host: Will Somers, Aplombusrhombus, Rapscallion Diversion, Deborah Ring, Two Kind Boys, and (in the little black box) Madeleine Boyes-Manseau. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door for $20; student tickets are available only at the door for $10.  


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