Rideshares and Rope Swings, from Two Kind Boys Productions, tells a quirky tale the friendship that develops between two young adults (played by Matt Hertendy and Zoe Towne) on a rideshare across Ontario.

There is a line from the near the beginning of this show that says, about the stars that, “beauty isn’t always in the brightest ones.” This show isn’t flashy, but it ought to be the sleeper success of the Fringe this year; it’s refreshingly quiet, and it sure is beautiful.

Photography by Matthew Venner
Photography by Matthew Venner

The chemistry between the Hertendy and Towne is charming, and brings to life the odd pair that live in the transitory space of the car en route to Thunder Bay. They could benefit from a bit of work on the moments of synchronized action, like the chair and light manipulations. I didn’t find this detracted from my enjoyment at all, but tightening up this choreography (and some of the scenes) would elevate the experience.

The dialogue in this show rings true in a way that serves as the vehicle to the ongoing development of the characters and their relationship. Even as this is ongoing, the script allows space for the actors to act, and for the audience to feel and question in the silence.

It’s really great work, especially by a young company, and uses some very fun stagecraft in telling this story.


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