With a name like “Laser Kiwi”, it’s hard not to take notice of Makers of Entertainment’s first foray into the Canadian Fringe Circuit. The flames of my anticipation were fanned even higher when I saw this company at the Fringe Preview Night (how did performer Degge Jarvie manage to acquire a matching tank and short set complete with a giant print of his face stamped on the very front?!). Suffice to say, I looked forward to this show but I really had no idea just what was in store for me (Spoiler alert: it was a damn good time).

If you like theatre that don’t take itself too seriously, Laser Kiwi is the very definition of not really giving any f*ck$ on stage and this is what makes this piece so great. At the very top of the show the audience gets a little history lesson detailing the inspiration behind the title, Laser Kiwi, and how the New Zealand flag referendum came to represent the glorification of bad ideas. Almost like the massive uproar caused by Boaty McBoatface (may he RIP). In any case, this show is a celebration of all the crappy ideas and unrealized (until now) theatrical nuggets thought up by the company somewhere along the way of their creation process.

Image courtesy of Makers of Entertainment
Image courtesy of Makers of Entertainment

I have to say that this show, for me, was everything I had hoped for and more. Given that the audience implicitly understands that each bit the company chooses to perform for them is ultimately a “mistake” and in any other circumstance would never see the light of day, the bad ideas become ridiculous, humorous, and (perhaps most importantly) totally acceptable. Furthermore, the list of “not-so-great ideas” includes two very impressive circus acts (both performed by the incredible Imogen Stone- you go girl!) that will almost certainly leave you breathless.

Pictured: Imogen Stone and audience volunteer; Photography by Paradox Photography
Pictured: Imogen Stone, an audience volunteer, and one lucky match; Photography by Paradox Photography

Assuming a comedic style that feels inspired by New Zealand’s most famous comic export, Flight of the Conchords, Makers of Entertainment will have you giggling at how natural they are at seeming uncomfortable and awkward on stage. Not to mention the ideas that are so outrageously bad you can’t help but laugh out loud (flip flop flip, for example, though I won’t spoil it for you here). If these are the “throw away” ideas, then I am extremely interested in seeing the ones that make the proverbial cut.

Go see Laser Kiwi and try not to have a good time.


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