Zach Zultana is a one-man trans-planetary space opera featuring at least twenty characters, sweeping shots from cameras suspended from cranes, fight scenes, a space mutiny, and a few special cameos from performer Jeff Leard himself. If it sounds like it might be absolutely ridiculous, it is, and it knows that it is.

Leard’s energetic performance is the glue that keeps the immense scope of this show in orbit. He bounces around the stage feeding off the energy of the crowd with a great sense of comedic timing. He needs to rush to tell the story, and so it relies on a lot of common tropes and clichés as a starting point for both its characters and humor. The show is very aware of this, and addresses the accusation by turning our assumptions of what’s to come on their heads just as we think we know what is coming next. There are a few stereotypical choices of the genre that aren’t overcome in this way, but that too is an element of the show’s unpredictable humor.

Zach Zultana begins the show not as a Space Gigolo, but rather as a mid-level asteroid miner, a sort of indentured contract slave of the Sanders Mining Corporation. This play traces his meteoric rise through love and good planning to overcome a villain (so evil he would pet his cat menacingly if he had one) to become Zach Zultana – Space Gigolo.

This play has more laughs than a whole barrel of Wookies, and Leard keeps it humming along at Ludicrous Speed from start to finish. Go.


Venue 2 Arts Court Library

Zach Zultana – Space Gigolo

Performed by Jeff Leard


by Wes Babcock



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