At the beginning of his Untitled… Project, eponymous performer Sam Mullins seems to go into a trance. His eyes are wide, his shoulders rolled back, his smile fills his whole face, and as he rolls through his stories with seeming effortlessness, not skipping a word, he tells us all about his struggle with panic attacks.
Tied together with a prologue and epilogue about discovering a coping method during an embarrassing stand-up workshop, Mullins tells 4 true stories from his life that relate to real-life anxieties that everyone deals with on some level but can be dangerously unhealthy when taken too far – fears of dying alone and observing the fleetingness of life are among these themes. Despite this heavy subject material (you won’t envy him for any of his experiences), Mullins handles his recounting with an irrepressible good humour and the perspective that the past, however it may have challenged and changed you, is in the past.
There is no set, no music, and only the simplest of lighting effects, but Mullins is more than capable of holding your attention – not only for his obvious storytelling abilities, but also because he just seems like a nice guy that you want to listen to.
The storytelling of The Untitled Sam Mullins Project goes beyond an engaging yarn you want to listen to, it enters into the realm of theatre-as-therapy and how sharing the things that fill you with fear, dread, and anxiety takes true strength and really helps you to become a happier, calmer person.

The Untitled Sam Mullins Project

Written and Performed by Sam S. Mullins
Running Time 60 minutes
Playing at Arts Court Library
Tuesday June 23 6:30 pm
Thursday June 25 9:00 pm
Saturday June 27 8:00 pm