Sh!t I’m in Love with You
Equal parts raunchy and charming, Sh!t I’m in Love with You Again is an hour long one-woman (sorta) musical comedy about sex, love, and marriage. Featuring a number of cleverly written original songs and a vivacious performance by Rachel Elie, this play is a lot of fun. More than that though, this show focuses on one woman’s exploration not only of her own sexuality but of her capacity to love another person.
It’s almost impossible not to enjoy yourself during this show. By playing on both popular 80s love songs and her own catchy tunes (co-written by Luke Jackson), Elie thoroughly engages her audience through her music. Songs like “I Wanna Spank My Kids This Christmas” and “Monogamy (Are You Mocking Me?” will have you laughing out loud. The production keeps things visually entertaining by incorporating a number of quick changes throughout the performance.
Sh!t I’m In Love With You Again shows off some serious comedic chops. I was busting a gut laughing at Elie’s one-liners (“You need to express yourself and you need to shut up”) and the different characters she takes on, like her ultra-romantic (but ultra-conservative) Haitian father and her sexually empowered mother. Any crassness is balanced wonderfully by a charismatic (and almost coy) countenance, which makes the crude humour all the more funny.
Playing at BYOV A: The Courtroom, this play is guaranteed to be a good time.