Members of the millennial generation will certainly get a good time out of seeing Two Girls, One Corpse, a show that feels like an extended, wittily written sitcom episode.

Meet Marissa and Michelle, two twenty-something roommates on their way to Marissa’s ex’s wedding. After shameless amounts of drinking and a very cleverly-designed and well-executed series of lighting effects that represent the wedding, they wake up very hungover with a big problem: the groom is also in their apartment, and he’s dead. As the girls attempt to trace the previous night’s events and their hysteria increases, the accusations fly and grow increasingly sillier.

Writer/performers Michelle Blanchard and Marissa Caldwell are fluent speakers of the mixture of outdated cultural references, co-dependency, and existential apathy that anyone born after 1980 or who spends a lot of time on Buzzfeed will understand. Some gross-out humour occurs (if the thought of a woman eating a Cheeto that she found in her breasts grosses you out, then don’t worry – the moment passes quickly), and it definitely helps if you’ve seen at least one episode of Murder, She Wrote (I’ll say no more on that here, but suffice to say that Angela Lansbury still has a devoted fan following on the part of the performers). In a voice-only appearance Paul Piekoszewski gives a great rendition of the Shaft theme (you’ll understand when you hear it), which was unexpected but fits in perfectly with the zany humour of Blanchard’s and Caldwell’s witty banter.

Two Girls, One Corpse may not be the deepest of shows this year, but it’s probably the one that speaks the language of today’s generation the best.

Two Girls, One Corpse

A Lazy Sunday Theatre production

Written and Performed by Michelle Blanchard & Marissa Caldwell

Special Appearance by Paul Piekoszewski

Directed by Dave Dawson

Sound Design by Will Lafrance and Michelle Blanchard

Lighting Design by Dave Dawson

Stage Management by Lydia Talajic

Running Time: 60 minutes

Playing at Academic Hall

Tuesday June 23 9:30 pm

Friday June 26 6:30 pm

Saturday June 27 1:30 pm

Ian Huffam



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