Whenever a pre-established script is produced at Fringe, there is usually an expectation that the director is doing something new with it or some other innovative twist has been thrown into the mix. Daniel MacIvor’s In on It, however, originally produced in Edinburgh in 2000, has little to recommend in this respect.

Like most of MacIvor’s scripts, In on It seizes on the unique nature of theatrical presentation – an unnamed writer tries to write a script about a man named Ray facing an unidentified (possibly terminal) illness, while the writer’s boyfriend argues with him, teases him, and forces him to reflect on his own issues that drove them apart before disaster struck.

Instead of double casting for the 7 characters (which might be expected, though not necessary), some actors have only a few minutes onstage, and not all of them make the most of those brief appearances. Without being able to name names (I’m not sure if there was a program, but I didn’t get one), the writer’s boyfriend stands out as the actor with the easiest stage presence and vocal strength. There were some technical hiccups during the performance I saw, but they didn’t affect the show overly. Otherwise In on It is a bit of a mess, to be honest, and while I’m game to see what Too Much Sugar Productions does for Fringe 2016, this year’s offering falls a little flat.

In on It

A Too Much Sugar Production

Written by Daniel MacIvor

Running Time: 60 minutes

Monday June 22 10:30 pm

Wednesday June 24 7:30 pm

Saturday June 27 2:00 pm

Sunday June 28 5:00 pm

Ian Huffam



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