I have never participated in any other theater exchange program before. It was my first experience. During the program I learned that backstage people like me are very important part of the performance. Without support artists will need more time to prepare for shows.

When I decided to take part of the program my goal was to learn how theatre operates from behind the stage and to put myself into test whether I can help. During the week I was shown how to take care costumes, how to apply makeup, decorate props, and hand out programs. I tried to do my best so that the performance went smoothly.

If there would be another theater exchange I will gladly join.

What I liked about the play of “ The Magic Paintbrush”, is that it was really very touching, surprising and funny. My favourite character is the Maiden, because she was the most outstanding character in the whole story. What I got scared about was the creepy music that was playing when the painter was locked in his cell.

What I liked from the “ Flying Ship”  is that the story was very captivating and cheerful with lots of music and songs. My favourite characters are the pipe cleaner, and the pond monster, because they are really funny and they were the most heroic characters. My least favourite character is the rich man because he was the greedy man who was supposed to marry the princess to replace the king, but he didn’t love the princess for who she was, he only loved the princess to get the king’s power.

The show “ Up to Low” was difficult for me to understand it, so on the intermission I left and didn’t finish watching. Therefore, critical response won’t be provided.

My favourite moment was when we went to the barbecue to meet our guests from Atlanta. I was so happy when I met Atlanta because they were so nice and funny! I wish I could still stay with them a little longer. We had lots of fun eating and playing awesome games together. Before we had practises, I thought that everything will be really great and I’ll get to learn more about them. I will never forget this theater exchange project because I loved the plays, and the actors were super nice. I really liked how I helped everyone and always heard the word, “Thank you!!” , and always made them smile. I never got bored there and everyone kept me busy. When the plays were huge successes, it really touched my heart because somewhere in those plays, I was a big part of it.

See you soon!!

Anna, Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre

[Editor’s note: Re: Up to Low: please note that apart from being younger, English is not always the first language of these students]