Theater exchange

My experience with the theater exchange was fun and an adventure in the land known as Canada. I learned a lot about Canada as a whole and I also saw my old friends from last year. As a matter of fact, I also met some new ones. Trust me, all theaters will benefit from a theater exchange because not only will you make new friends by actors will also be able to show their acting abilities to the other theater company and they will show you their skills. Another reason why it is a good idea is because actors visit other places or introduce their home. I would love to do something like this again just to see my friends and to have the pleasure of watching another spectacular play.

The Magic Paint Brush

  • Time: this play takes place in the 1800s
  • Tale: The tale of a young artist who uses his magic paint brush to paint a story of a corrupt kingdom ruled by a sleepy king and a court lady that bosses the unpaid workers around. Only by drawing a princess can the kingdom be restored to peace, but the court lady has other plans and steals the magic paint brush. Now the artist must travel into his own story and retrieve his magic paint brush. Only with that he can draw the princess and restore peace to the kingdom
  • Tech: The tech used was amazing and simple. There were beautiful doors and lighting on stage and I especially liked the part with the shadows.
  • Thoughts: My thoughts are that overall it was funny and it offered a meaning to the story.

Up to Low

  • Time: this tale takes place in the 1940s
  • Tale: It’s a story about a boy named Tommy falling in love with a girl who got one arm chopped off by a baler (a piece of farming equipment used to make hay bales). Her name is Baby Bridget.
  • Tech: I loved how they used the stage as everything. For example, the chairs often represent car seats, bushes, and much more
  • Thoughts: Overall the play was emotional, funny and has a great life lesson at the end.


My favorite part of the whole trip was none other than the camp fires we had with OUK. I had a blast talking with friends, roasting marshmallows, and hearing others sing songs. I also loved the ghost tours and the tiles when we walked around the city. We also visited another province when we crossed the Alexandra bridge into Quebec. So in conclusion this theater exchange was a blast!

Nikolay, age 12, Solo Theater School (Atlanta, GA)