In June of 2015 I had a chance to participate in a Theatre Exchange Program with Solo Theatre from Atlanta. I participated in a haunted walk tour and two huge camp fires with Solo and Once Upon a Kingdom theatres. We also had several theatre workshops. One of my favorite theatre exercises was creating shadows with your body and various objects. I also used that technique in The Magic Paintbrush show.

I would recommend other young artist a theatre exchange program, because you get to learn new theatre techniques from other theatres and their instructors. We also had lots of fun, but Solo Artist also knew when to be serious.

At the end of the week, we saw “The Flying Ship” by Solo theatre. This was a funny musical based on Russian Fairy tales. It was a romantic story about chimneysweep who fell in love with Princess Zabava. He had to build a flying ship to carry her away and make her fall in love with him.  The acting was purposefully unrealistic and very funny. The part that I like the most is how they used a spotlight. I really liked Solo’s show.

My favorite part of the Exchange was the Haunted walk, I learned new stories about Ottawa and its history

Benya Nossik (age 8) and his Mom 🙂


I enjoyed spending time with Solo Theater. I was part of the haunted walk – there was a lady that was telling us scary stories. After the haunted walk we played games and we did different theatre exercises. After a couple of exercises we made a huge camp fire. We also had a rehearsal together. Finally we had performed our show to them and they performed their show to us.

I would recommend this experience to all theatres because it is fun meting another theatre and do fun activities. My goal was to meet Solo Theatre and I achieved it I would do this again.

‘’The Flying Ship ‘’was performed on 5 June. The show was about a chimney sweeper that fell in love with a princess and wanted to build a flying ship to fly away with her. They had an unusual set design it was decorated fabric on wheels.

I thought that Solo’s was great I loved their acting my favorite parts were the funny ones.

Anna Nossik (age 8)


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