I enjoyed my time in Ottawa, Canada on a Theater exchange where I learned a lot of good acting tools during the workshops that will help me become a better actor. In my opinion the workshop that really inspired me was on theater criticism because it taught me how to criticize a play, a movie, a book etc. I also believe that theater exchanges like this would benefit other theater companies a lot just like it did ours, since after the exchange I felt that we made friends up in the North and we learned a lot about theater. Additionally I think that other theater exchanges between theater groups will create competition and friendship between all the theater groups we exchanged with. I accomplished my goal of why I needed to go up to Canada, and that goal is making friends and showing our plays to each other.

When watching The Magic Paintbrush, by Once Upon a Kingdom Theatre, I found nothing wrong with it and the only thing I can say about it are compliments. I enjoyed all of the actors and what the play did with the doors. I also really liked the ghost princess bits with her stealing stuff and the choreographed fight that the princess had. Additionally the last three scenes feel very suspenseful and I was excited during them when they stopped the evil queen, painted the princess, and brought peace to the land. In conclusion I felt like this play was amazing and well thought out. I can’t wait and see what play the OUK crew puts out next year.

Now, let’s talk about a professional play I saw in Canada called Up to Low, adapted and directed by Janet Irwin. A little insight: this is the first time I have seen a professional play and if this is how professional theatre is supposed to be then I am sure I will go out and see more of them since this play is so good. It was so good that one of my drama company members started to cry near the end.

But for how good it is I did not enjoy one key part of it. I found the lighting to throw me off during the characters’ monologues since it made it confusing as to who was talking and who was in the room at times. I also find the stage weird but it is a good type of weird. The actors do make it work though and it is a blast watching them perform on it.

In conclusion the theater exchange trip taught me a lot about being an actor and gave me tips on theatre criticism. Additionally I was able to see two amazing plays that I wouldn’t be able to see back home in Atlanta, Georgia. The exchange helped our group interact with other kids in drama who are also putting on plays. To conclude, this trip has been one that has helped me grow as an actor by teaching me tips on how to improve on being a better performer and how to take and give criticism.


Solo Theatre

Edited by Brianna McFarlane