I recently saw a show called “The Queen of Paradise’s Garden” at the National Arts Centre that was based on a myth that exists for thousands of years. It was a puppet show. There were three actors. It was probably summer. Three boys named Tom, Bill and Jack were born to a very old couple who had never had children before. They boys were worried for their parents, so they set out for an adventure to find the magic fruit that made old people younger. Jack was the only boy to make it to the kingdom and back home with the magic fruit. The play was mostly about Jack’s adventure going there and back. While travelling he proved with acts that he was a nice, kind and caring boy with a sense of humor.

The costumes were really original: Tom’s body was made out of a tomato juice can and his head was made out of Styrofoam covered papier-mâché and painted like wood. Bill’s body was made like an abacus and he had the same head as Tom. Bill only had one hand. Jack looked like a normal boy also made out of Styrofoam covered papier-mâché and painted like wood. There were purple and blue lights. For the rain, wind and thunder sounds, the actors asked the audience to participate.

I thought the puppetry was awesome. There was only one person who played all the six puppets: the mom, the dad, Tom, Bill, Jack, and the Queen of the Kingdom of Paradise, who at the end rode a horse. It was also very original: the position of the mother’s head could make her look old or young! To not ruin the end of the story, I won’t tell it to you, so you need to watch this engaging and exciting show yourself. I recommend it to you. Thumbs up!

By Tatiana, age 9


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