I had the pleasure of teaching another workshop on theatre criticism to a new group of students at the Once Upon a Kingdom theatre company, run by Artistic Director Ekaterina Vetrova. I am always impressed by the sheer perceptiveness of the students any time I take a group to watch and subsequently discuss theatre. It allows them to converse in ways that belies their young age while at the same time expands their horizon of live performance. Perhaps a little selfishly, I get a kick out of seeing the kids’ reviews of the shows because they are so much more open and, dare I say, filterless. It’s a learning process though and one that is important to the development of any possible future in the theatre arts. Recent studies show that there are major benefits for students who attend live theatre. Artists should see art and know how to talk about it.

But I digress. This time around the students and I went to see The Queen of Paradise’s Garden at the NAC Fourth Stage last month. The following class the students presented their reviews/doodles and recorded their vlogs. Check them out below:

Tatiana wrote a lovely review here.

Some of the students decided to interpret the show through images:

By Valeriya

OUAK 2 001


ouak 3 001

Finally, the vlogs (you might want to turn up the volume or get some headphones due to low audio-sorry!)!

-Brianna McFarlane