On Narnia: a Musical

Savva, age 10

Few days ago I saw Narnia the musical presented by 9th Hour Theatre Company at Centrepointe Studio Theatre. The plot is a bit different form the movie, but it’s still in the same order and the same concept. It’s about four siblings who find a secret passage to a magical world called Narnia, where it always snows but is never Christmas thanks to the evil queen. When one of the kids gets in trouble the others go to rescue him.  They trigger a war between lion Aslan and the evil queen.

Here are the elements I drew:

Savva-on Narnia musical-drawing-scan

My favorite objects:

– The knife the queen uses to kill Aslan: I like that knife for glowing up after it has been used to stab Aslan and its crooked shape that fits well with the queen’s behavior.

– The mace that one of the brothers uses in battle against the army of the evil queen: I like the dirty gold color and the shape of the mace.

– And the Turkish delight cup: I like its smooth shape and blue-y color.
My favorite characters:

– The two beavers (Tom Charlebois and Mauren Speer) because of their funny and fuzzy voice effect, their behavior, and the actors’ performance.

– The evil queen (Gabrielle Lalonde) because of her evilness, her monstrous voice when she yells, and the fact that she is wearing those super cool stilts.

– Mr. Tumnus (Dale Coburn) because of his ‘scaredy-cat’ but friendly behavior, his nice hairdo and funny voice.


I really liked the reuse of the stage props for different scenes, for example a tree on one side was a stone arc on another

What I didn’t like is that a person in a white costume danced like a ballerina to distract the audience from the scene changing, which I found confusing because it seemed to have nothing to do with the rest of the play.

I think this is a nice play for families with kindergarten to 3rd grade kids who haven’t seen the movie.