Narnia: Memorable Performances and Costume Design

On December the 12 of 2014 I saw Narnia (the 2nd book). It was presented by 9th Hour Theatre Company

at Centrepointe theatre and after watching this performance I decided to draw some of the costume designs:

img-141216195823 (1)-page-001The Beavers couple are very funny, you could even say hilarious. They are very great actors on stage, and you could see clearly that they are beavers. Mr.Beaver(Tom Charlebois) and Mrs.Beaver(Mauren Speer) are my favourite.

Aslan, the king of Narnia is the most peaceful creature ever. He is sort of like a Chinese dragon. He is voiced by Mike Hefferan, and he is puppeteered by Darry Smith, Heidi Spicer and Ellen Manchee. Mike Hefferan also played the joy of Christmas: Father Christmas.

On to the kids, let’s start off with the youngest sibling Lucy(Clara Silkoff). She is brave, funny, curious and sometimes obnoxious to her older brother Edmund (Nicholas Surges), who is used to the city of London and can’t stand change. He really likes Turkish delight. Peter(Taner Flin) is eldest. He is disciplined and he does what he is told. Suzy only wanted peace, she can’t stand war and she really wanted to go home. As for the white witch(Gabrielle Lalonde) otherwise known as “Queen”, she couldn’t stand summer so she made it always winter but never Christmas. Her personality matches her name “witch”.

Till later!

Anastasiya, age 10